HVAC Repair Services with 24/7 Emergency Response and Straightforward Pricing

At Griffith Properties A/C & Heating, we offer a wide range of HVAC repair services across the Slidell and surrounding areas. Whether you are experiencing problems with your air conditioner in Covington or your home heating system is not working in Mandeville, our experienced and skilled team can help.
Our wide range of services cover every aspect of HVAC installation, maintenance and repair. We offer a robust warranty on all work carried out. This gives our customers total peace of mind!
Here are some of the key HVAC repair services available at Griffith Properties A/C & Heating:

  • Air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation
  • Heating installation, maintenance and repair
  • Honeywell Generators
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Hot water heaters
  • Indoor Air Quality services, and much more!

    When you need a heating and cooling company with years of experience and an enviable reputation, Griffith Properties A/C & Heating is the company to call.
    Our range of flexible payment options also give our customers the freedom to choose the right heating system at the right price and to choose an easier way to pay. We also offer regular money saving coupons and discounts on HVAC systems and their installation.
    24-Hour Service For Your Heating and Cooling Units Across The Region
    Whether we are in the middle of summer or the depths of the coldest winter, our heating and cooling technicians offer their skills no matter what. No system is a match for the skills and knowledge of our team, so call us the moment you notice a problem. We will get to you fast to ensure you are back to a comfortable temperature in no time.
    Speak to us today to find out more about installation services for boilers, fireplaces, humidifiers or any aspect of our heating and cooling services. Call now to schedule your HVAC Repair Services with Griffith Properties A/C & Heating.

    Variety Of Flexible Payment Options For HVAC Maintenance And Repair